Lake Safety Information

PowerSouth reminds you to take care while enjoying Gantt and Point A lakes.

Every year, injuries and fatalities occur due to water-related accidents, so it’s important to guard yourself and your family against conditions and situations that could be dangerous. A spot that looks calm and safe one moment can become dangerous within a few seconds as water levels and flows change, often without warning. Calm waters can quickly become rapidly moving, dangerous waters.

The simplest practice to prevent injury is to be mindful of your surroundings — the weather, water vessels and other lake-goers — when in or near the water.

We encourage you to keep these tips in mind when enjoying the lakes:

Following the laws

PowerSouth relies on the Game and Fish Division and Marine laws to govern and enforce all rules and regulations applicable to boating and safety and, most importantly, we rely on the public to adhere to these laws.

By law, children under the age of 12 should always wear a life jacket while in a boat. Boaters should also keep in mind that the direction of lake travel is counter-clockwise, and the speed limit for open zones in most lakes is approximately 35 mph.

You must be at least 16 years old and possess a boater’s license to legally operate a vessel of any kind in Alabama.

Keeping the lakes beautiful

Please preserve the beauty of the facilities when enjoying the outdoors.

PowerSouth has the civic responsibility of making sure that our facilities are well maintained. Our lakes are used by the public on a daily basis, and Point A dam is frequented by fishermen. We want to maintain a responsible image and offer the public a safe, clean place to relax and enjoy.

Receptacles at the Point A recreation area boat launch and the Gantt Lake boat launch on Highway 29 North, allow fishermen to recycle used fishing line. Receptacles are emptied monthly, and all nylon monofilament line is mailed to Berkley Recycling for use in creating artificial underwater habitat structures.

For more information about the Point A and Gantt Lakes, please contact Leigh Grantham at (334) 427.3477 or

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