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To tell the story of PowerSouth is to look back at the waterwheel. In fact, PowerSouth may owe its very existence to water. Shortly after organizing in 1941, and facing a wartime shortage of materials to build a steam plant and transmission lines, PowerSouth purchased Alabama Water Service Company. In 1944, PowerSouth acquired two hydroelectric plants built in the early 1920s by the Horseshoe Lumber Company.

PowerSouth operates two hydroelectric dams and stations on Point A and Gantt Lakes in Covington County, Alabama. Swimming, fishing and boating are common on the waters created by our dams, and the lakes are among the most popular recreational attractions in the area. We are pleased to provide you information on both lakes and hope you will take great care while safely enjoying their many benefits.

Safety is PowerSouth’s number-one corporate value, and the safety of life and property is of utmost importance. To ensure our hydroelectric facilities meet the highest safety and reliability standards, PowerSouth periodically lowers the reservoir levels to perform inspections and maintenance. Heavy rainfall can also account for changes in lake levels, which fluctuate on a daily basis due to river flow.

Please be aware that the generation schedule for both of PowerSouth’s hydroelectric dams and subsequent water releases from the dams are subject to change without notice. Areas immediately below the dams are considered hazardous due to turbulent water conditions, as water levels and flows change often and without warning.

At a minimum, boaters should respect posted signs and buoys near the dams. Swimmers, boaters and fishermen near the area immediately below one of the dams are advised to remain alert.

Never anchor a boat below a dam, and be sure to leave the vessel’s engine on when passing by a dam.

Lake Specifics: Gantt Lake covers a reservoir with a surface area of about 2,747 acres. The Lake’s usable storage capacity is 14,645 acre-feet at a normal pool elevation of 198 feet mean sea level. Point A reservoir covers a surface area of about 700 acres and a usable storage capacity of 2,300 acre-feet at a normal water surface elevation of 170 feet mean sea level.

PowerSouth has a deep concern for environmental quality, and we work hard to preserve one of our most valuable resources – water. The ecology of a river or lake depends on the purity and flow of its water source. That’s why PowerSouth monitors discharged water as part of our pollution control process.

We monitor the lakes and coordinate with local resource agencies to evaluate invasive vegetative aquatic species and manage them appropriately.

Attention Property Owners: PowerSouth Energy Cooperative holds property rights from the shoreline of the Point A and Gantt Lakes lakeward. We ask that before you plan construction, changes or additions to any structures on the shoreline or to the shoreline itself, you call PowerSouth for a permit. Contact our Land Management Department at 334.427.3435 or

For more information about the Point A and Gantt Lakes, please contact Leigh Grantham at 334.427.3477 or



River Flow Information

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