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GASP and real jobs | September 10, 2014

On June 4, AL.com published an article by Stacie Propst, Executive Director of The Group Against Smog and Pollution, celebrating the EPA’s recent proposed rule on carbon dioxide emissions for existing power generation plants. ... It is easy for Dr. Propst to say [jobs at coal-fired generation plants] are worth the gain of closing down the plants to reduce carbon emissions. But those jobs are not faceless, as Dr. Propst would portray them. They are real people with families and children with futures. They are people I know, and maybe you know some of them, too.



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PowerSouth Prepares For Hurricane Season

Hurricane season begins June 1, and as always, safety is PowerSouth’s highest priority. Forecasters predict an “active” Atlantic hurricane season for 2014, emphasizing the importance of being prepared in case a storm hits.

Factors including higher-than-normal temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean where most tropical storms form indicate this season we will possibly see an increase in tropical activity.


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Energy Awareness

You flip a switch. You plug in. The electricity flows. And somewhere not far away, a turbine turns and a generator spins to produce the electricity we all depend on.

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Energy Efficiency

Conserving today means saving tomorrow. Rising energy costs. Climate change. These are complex issues. Lowering your monthly electric bill? That's easy.

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Energy For Learning

PowerSouth realizes the importance of energy education in the communities we serve. Throughout the PowerSouth system our distribution members offer a variety of education programs for all ages. Programs include:

  • Cooperative Critters
  • Safety City
  • The Van De Graaff Generator
  • Riverworks Discovery

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For more information about PowerSouth and our distribution members, please contact Mark Ingram, Communication Manager at (334) 427-3330 or download our Media Kit.

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  • PowerSouth is the 11th largest privately owned business in Alabama.
  • PowerSouth employs more than 580 at nine sites in Alabama and Florida.
  • PowerSouth has assets in excess of $1.8 billion.
  • With a combined generating capacity of more than 2,000 megawatts, PowerSouth utilizes a diverse generating mix of natural gas, coal and hydroelectricity.
  • PowerSouth’s expansive network of transmission assets includes more than 2,200 miles of line and nearly 300 substations.

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