Gantt Lake from a Drone


PowerSouth Energy Cooperative will lower the water level in Gantt Lake in Covington County, Alabama, beginning Sept. 20, 2019.

The drawdown, which has been approved by required regulatory authorities, is scheduled to last until mid-November 2019. It will allow PowerSouth to make repairs to the dam and conduct normal structural inspections. Under the approved plan, the lake will be lowered at a controlled rate to facilitate water levels that will aid in mussel recovery and continued plant operations. After the eight-foot mark, the lake will be lowered as quickly as safely possible.

All public boat launches and recreational areas on Gantt Lake will be closed from Sept. 20, 2019, until the lake returns to full pool.

Gantt Lake property owners may construct or repair docks, piers, seawalls, boat ramps and other structures after October 9, 2019, if issued a permit by PowerSouth and the United States Army Corps of Engineers to do so. Permits should be obtained as soon as possible by contacting PowerSouth’s Corporate Real Estate Department at (334) 427-3000 or the Corps of Engineers at (251) 690-2658. Property owners are solely responsible for obtaining and securing all necessary permits for construction and repairs.

Gantt Lake Dam and power station
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