Facility Connection Requirement Form

Please read the information below before submitting a request for PowerSouth’s facility connection document.

PowerSouth’s facility connection document is intended for use by industries and independent power producers (IPPs) who desire to connect new loads or generation to the PowerSouth transmission system. All requests for information concerning connections at the distribution level (below 46 kV) should go through one of PowerSouth’s 20 distribution members. Go to the member system map. For information on contacting your local cooperative or municipality, simply identify the company and click on the name of the cooperative. If you desire to connect to PowerSouth’s transmission system (46 kV and above), please fill out the form below and include as much information about your project as possible.

Facility owners seeking to initiate the study of a qualified change to existing interconnections may also initiate that process by submitting the form below. PowerSouth defines a qualified change as follows.

Concerning interconnections on the PowerSouth system, the term “Qualified Change” includes the following.


  • Additional unit added that connects at a single Point of Interconnection (POI).
  • An increase in generation capacity at a single point of interconnection by more than ten 10% not otherwise accounted for in annual projections
  • Changes to the Point of Interconnection
  • Changes in equipment that impact fault availability at the POI of more than 10%
  • Addition of storage capability at Variable Energy Resource sites that affects the net output at the POI or utilizes grid charging.


  • Changes in system topology that can impact power flow/stability.
  • Conversion of existing facilities to a different nominal operating voltage.
  • Replacement of conductor (Impedance Changes)

End Users (Delivery Points)

  • Addition of new load greater than 5 MVA to an existing delivery point beyond any growth that was included in load forecast.
  • Changes in load composition that could result in stability concerns (i.e., addition of large motor load)

The cited illustrations in this procedure should not be taken as an exhaustive list as other circumstances may require study prior to interconnection with PowerSouth. The focus is to be on reliability being maintained by ensuring changes to the system are appropriately studied.

Facility Connection Requirement Form

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