Foley’s UTC plant delivers first ‘neo’ engines to Airbus in Mobile

UTC Aerospace Systems in Foley reports that it has delivered the first two “neo” engine assemblies to the Airbus Final Assembly Line in Mobile, a milestone for both companies.

The neo designation stands for “New Engine Option,” meaning next-generation engines with greater fuel efficiency. They’re expected to be increasingly in demand in the future. UTC’s Foley plant already prepares the engine assemblies for Mobile-built jets with conventional engines; in 2017 it dedicated a substantial expansion dedicated to neo engine work.

The demand is there: In December, Delta ordered 100 new A321neo jets, and Airbus CEO Tom Enders said most of them would be manufactured in Mobile. Kristi Tucker, director of communications for Airbus Americas, said at the time that the Mobile Final Assembly Line (FAL) was expected to deliver its first neo-powered jet in 2018.


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