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PowerSouth Energy Cooperative Joins Sweet Grown Alabama as Founding Member

Nov 6, 2020

MONTGOMERY, Ala.— “Sweet Grown Alabama’s impact on Alabama farmers and communities is significant,” said Horace Horn, PowerSouth’s Vice President of External Affairs and Sweet Grown Alabama Board Member. “The organization connects consumers to locally grown produce, which helps support Alabama’s agriculture sector – a crucial part of the state’s economy. PowerSouth Energy is proud to partner with an organization that shares a common goal of community development and support.”

PowerSouth’s support will help Sweet Grown Alabama transition into the second year of program activities. Funds will be utilized to encourage purchasing of locally grown products through traditional and digital marketing. Consumers can search for a variety of locally grown products at

“PowerSouth Energy is a valued partner of Sweet Grown Alabama,” said Ellie Watson, Sweet Grown Alabama Director. “This support of Sweet Grown Alabama and our state’s farmers further demonstrates PowerSouth’s lasting impact on Alabama as a whole. Both PowerSouth’s financial support and Mr. Horn’s service on our Board of Directors will help ensure success for Sweet Grown Alabama for many years.”

With this commitment, PowerSouth becomes the ninth founding member supporter of Sweet Grown Alabama. The program represents over 170 farmer, restaurant, market and business members across the state who play a role in bringing local products to Alabama consumers.

For more information on Sweet Grown Alabama, visit To learn more about PowerSouth Energy Cooperative, visit


About Sweet Grown Alabama:

Sweet Grown Alabama is a non-profit foundation that enhances marketing opportunities for Alabama farmers by connecting retailers and consumers to Alabama-grown foods and other agricultural products. Farmers, product makers, restaurants, retailers and others are encouraged to join the branding program and use the Sweet Grown Alabama logo on their locally grown products. To learn more visit

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