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The older readers here will remember Paul Harvey. Most probably remember him well. For many years he hosted a daily radio program that addressed the issues of the day, and he also had a daily segment called, “The Rest of the Story.”

When Reality Sets In

Visions, plans and dreams are easy. We all have them. You have heard, “Follow your dreams,” “What is your vision?” and “Do you have a plan?” Visions, plans and dreams have given civilization so many advances and conveniences. However, few visions, plans or dreams become reality.


Anchors keep boats from drifting with the winds or currents. We also have anchors in our lives that have nothing to do with boats. They hold us in place as we grow older and our lives change.

If electric vehicles are the future, your cooperative will be ready

Electric vehicles (EVs), and the emergence of new charging technologies, will increase demand on electric providers nationwide. Unprepared providers might struggle to manage higher loads, leading to higher electric costs and stressed infrastructure.

Is the Science Over?

In recent years it has become more common for prominent officials, from former President Barack Obama, to President Joe Biden, to the President’s Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, to use the statement “The Science is Over.” Declaring the science is over is too often offered as evidence to influence policy on Covid vaccines, masking, climate change, natural events and other issues in our lives. If the science is truly over, maybe it is worth exploring what science really is.

A Plan

We’ve always heard, “You need a plan to get anything done.” That is taught in all business schools and recognized by people who don’t manage anything other than their own lives. My favorite quote about “plans” is from the noted philosopher and past World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Mike Tyson: “Everybody has a plan until they get hit in the mouth.”

Our Friend Jim

Our friend, Jim Sullivan–and he was a friend to everyone who knew him– left us on May 4th of this year. Jim lived a full life. He was a football star, playing at Ole Miss. He was a successful businessman in the family furniture business. He was President of the Alabama Public Service Commission for 25 years. In that role he established a logical formula for utility service that is still used today. He served as President of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) and guided that organization for a number of years. He was an adviser to many energy companies and a leader in the electric industry.  

Weird Science

John Hughes’ 1985 fantasy comedy film, Weird Science, is about two unpopular teenagers who create Kelly LeBrock, the perfect woman with a weird science application on their computer. Of course, the experiment leads them on unexpected adventures and gets them in a number of tight spots before the expected happy ending.

Relatively Easy

I refereed high school basketball games while attending the University of North Alabama (UNA) in the mid-1970s to help pay my way through school. Rogers High School, just north of Florence, didn’t have the best basketball teams, but it was always a good environment to call games. I also played baseball at UNA with two …

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Burdened by a Mississippi public school education, my vocabulary has never been particularly deep. As a high school senior, we had a six-week course study in Literature named Thirty Days to a Stronger Vocabulary. We learned a new word every day. However, a short fifty years later I can’t remember a single one.
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