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Where’s the Beef?

I first wrote about the environmentalist movement to eliminate or reduce the consumption of meat in the name of climate change back in 2017. My first article was titled, Big Mike’s Bean House, and was centered around a study promoted at the time that advocated substituting beans for meat to reduce carbon emissions. My comments included the thought that Andalusia’s own Big Mike’s Steak House would not be nearly as successful serving beans instead of their signature steaks.

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Saturday Mornings

Watching Saturday morning television was one of my favorite things to do as a kid. The 1960s were the golden years for cartoons and most of them were shown on Saturday mornings. Now, kids can see cartoons anytime they wish with Cartoon Network, numerous on-demand streaming options or YouTube, but we could only see cartoons

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Denying the Laws of Physics

“Policymakers cannot overlook the laws of physics or the reality of the current situation.” That is from Jim Matheson, NRECA President, and his opinion piece published in Fox News, “Our Broken Energy Policy Could Leave Americans in the Dark.” Mr. Matheson makes several valid arguments in his piece, but policymakers unfortunately have no limits on

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As an electric utility, the provision of reliable and affordable electricity is our primary objective. The intent of my articles is to illustrate how the many differing forces pushing for economic change, and the restructuring of the world’s energy industry, will likely disrupt the electric utility industry and reliable energy supply. When it happens – and the possibility increases every year – I would rather say, “You were warned.”

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I plead guilty to subscribing to The New York Times. It is not as much about keeping my enemies close as it is about keeping track of liberal ideas and movements as a part of PowerSouth’s obligation to maintain reliability, affordability, and availability of electric power. Following The New York Times provides an insight into the forces threatening reliability and affordability.

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Summer is Over

Bob Green wrote an article, Summer is Done, for the Wall Street Journal, published September 2, about Jimmy Buffett and his death on Labor Day weekend. The article, and Jimmy Buffett’s apparent sudden death, set off many memories of Jimmy’s music and my younger days.

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Early Morning Thoughts – Second Inning

It’s early Sunday morning, the first weekend in August, and I’m thinking about current events. My screened-in porch is hot, even early in the morning. My daughter, Kalli, and her two youngest daughters are relocating back from Atlanta and spending the weekend with us. I was exiled to the back porch last night to watch anything other than the Paw Patrol pack of pups saving bunnies and the farmland. It was hot on the back porch last night, too.  

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The China Syndrome

“The China Syndrome” was a 1979 hit movie starring Jane Fonda, Michael Douglas, Jack Lemmon and Wilford Brimley. The storyline follows two reporters who discover safety discrepancies in a fictitious California nuclear electric generation plant. A greedy and corrupt utility ignores and covers up safety issues. The operator who attempts to publicize the cover up is murdered, and the end of the movie leaves an audience wondering what happened to the reactor.

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The Party’s Over?

You may remember Willie Nelson’s 1967 hit song, The Party’s Over. Like most country songs, it is about a broken relationship – this one with his wife. He sings about a party where everyone is dancing and having fun, and he is crying, but that doesn’t keep her love for him from dying.

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