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Gantt Lake drawdown two weeks away

Sep 5, 2019

PowerSouth reminds property owners and visitors that the Gantt Lake drawdown is scheduled to begin on September 20 and is expected to last until late December. The lake is being lowered to allow for inspections and repairs to the Gantt hydroelectric dam.

The water level of the lake will recede gradually, over a period of approximately two weeks. The lake will be lowered at a controlled rate to facilitate water levels that will aid in mussel recovery and continued plant operations. After the lake has been lowered eight feet, the water level will be lowered as quickly as safely possible. During this time, water flow from the Conecuh River will be allowed to pass through Gantt Dam and continue downstream into Point A Lake. The water level in Point A Lake is not anticipated to be affected by this project.

Property owners who have received permits to perform shoreline work may begin projects after October 9.

In the interest of safety, all public access to the lake will be closed for the duration of the drawdown, including boat launches and public fishing piers. For safety purposes and to avoid disturbing the habitat of certain threatened mussel species, the public should refrain from entering the lakebed, including operating vehicles, fishing and other activities.

More information about the drawdown, including answers to frequently asked questions, is available at

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