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PowerSouth issues high water notification alert

Mar 8, 2020

Heavy area rainfall has prompted PowerSouth Energy Cooperative to issue a high-water notification under its Emergency Action Plan today.

With the amount of rainfall received over the past several days, and with additional rain projected, PowerSouth has initiated a controlled release at Gantt and Point A Dams, which are subject to government-mandated statutes.

“When water levels at the dams reach a predetermined level, we work with local Emergency Management Agencies to notify the public of potential downstream flooding,” said Baynard Ward, PowerSouth Communication Manager. “River gauge data suggests that the Conecuh River and Patsaliga Creek should crest by tomorrow, so the waters should begin to recede over the next several days. We expect minimal impact from the rainfall forecasted for this week.”

PowerSouth’s operators manage its hydroelectric dams in accordance with state and federal statues to maintain the levels of Point A and Gantt Lakes within acceptable operating standards.

“Our operators allow all incoming water flow to pass through the dams, using the gates to manage river flow and maintain lake levels,” Ward said. “Our FERC operating license requires us to maintain the natural flow of the river, so all water that flows into the lakes is released into the Conecuh River at the Point A Dam.”

Safety is PowerSouth’s top priority.

“We will continue to monitor the lake levels and will adjust gates as needed to safely operate the Gantt and Point A Dams,” Ward said. “We advise property owners along the lakefront and downstream to remain vigilant of river and weather conditions. Please take the appropriate precautions against flooding.”

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