Hurricane Michael
Restoration Progress

PowerSouth is devoting all available resources to restoring transmission infrastructure damaged by Hurricane Michael as safely and quickly as possible. We are doing everything in our power to restore yours.

Data as of 10/20/2018    1800 CST

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Generating Positive Energy

PowerSouth’s goal is to provide an affordable and reliable power supply for its members and the communities they serve, taking advantage of the most economic means possible when generating and purchasing energy.

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Transmission & Reliability

A strong and reliable transmission system is the backbone of PowerSouth’s operations, and the cooperative takes advantage of technology to improve upon already impressive reliability metrics.

Let's Power Today

Your electricity doesn't just come out of the wall. PowerSouth's members safely deliver affordable energy to meet the needs of more than 440,000 homes, businesses and industries in Alabama and northwest Florida.

Exceeding Expectations Every Day